The Gods of Dragonlance – Why I Ditched the Deities in Øtherworld

I am such a geek and I was totally into the Dragonlance saga at one time in my life. I owned every last book in the series. I read them and re-read them,… Continue reading

Character: Copernicus “Copper” Gallows, aka Gloryhound Gallows

Character: Fleas

Character: Moog

Character: Rogar Thunderhammer

Size Does Matter: Writing and Drawing to Scale When Your Subjects Are Larger-Than-Life

I remember being really pumped when I found out that they were remaking Godzilla. There hadn’t been a Godzilla film since the ill-conceived Godzilla 1985, which frankly was about as bad as the… Continue reading

Luckbane Update: Raising the Dead and Alternate Timelines

Adding a new character to your novel changes everything. While you may’ve started out with the intention of simply inserting a character into your plot, that very act changes your book. It’s the butterfly effect of the creative process.

Characters: Sir Stanley Dragonslayer, Knight of Greyhelm

Creature Catalog: Headshots of a Hobgoblin, Roc, Goblin and Black Dragon

Cover Art: Dragon Detail